Visiting floating Pearl Farm on Bai Tu Long Bay

Located deep inside Ha Long Bay - Bai Tu Long Bay, Vung Vieng Island is one of the most interesting places for many visitors to Bai Tu Long Bay. Many tourists, especially international tourists, are impressed to experience and learn firsthand the process of making sparkling pearls in Vung Vieng Fishing Village.

For a long time, Bai Tu Long Bay pearls have been affirmed and created a reputation with domestic and foreign tourists. This is a unique and attractive tourism product for visitors to Bai Tu Long Bay, with Signature Cruise.

Following the journey of Signature Cruise, we will take you to the Pearl Village of Vung Vieng Village. There you will discover and witness all processes forming a gem, from cultivation to harvest. The instructors carefully introduced information about pearls, each stage of production.

Seawater pearls are natural colors, created by millions of living cells from mussels, so each pearl in addition to its main color (black, yellow, white) also converges enough colors under each angle of light. Bright refractive differences. Therefore, sea pearls are also known under the name "The item brings luck".

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Signature Cruise Activities

Cooking Demonstration

Spice Up this season with cooking class experience with Athena Group! Enjoy learning Vietnamese dishes made from fresh ingredients from Bai Tu Long Bay!

Vung Vieng Fishing Village

Kayaking & Bamboo Boat

Vung Vieng Fishing Village in Bai Tu Long Bay is located in the north-east of Vietnam close to Cua Ong - Hon Gai - Cam Pha. Kayaking & Bamboo boats are the highlight activities in this area!

Signature Cruise Activities

Squid Fishing

Squid fishing after dinner is a must-try activity on our Signature Cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay. You can catch squid and enjoy steamed fresh squids right after. Join us today!

Signature Cruise Activities

Visiting Caves in Bai Tu Long Bay

Each cave on Bai Tu Long Bay has a name that gives visitors the curiosity to discover with mysterious beauty and sparkling beauty that attracts every gaze. Join us to know more!

Signature Cruise Activities

Relaxing with Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi is the name of a bathtub - a heated swimming pool, used hydrotherapy with a powerful water jet system with the aim of providing a relaxing massage experience. Immerse yourself in the water while watching Bai Tu Long's beautiful view!

Signature Cruise Activities

Taichi Class

Let’s come on the sundeck in the early morning and start your new day in fresh air to full charge your energy for the day with our Taichi class. Our Tai chi master will guide you with a basic lesson which has been simplified so that everyone can easy to follow.

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