Cave in Halong Bay

Cave in Halong Bay

If you have traveled to HaLong once, you must have seen its beauty. Famous for many beautiful and unique caves, HaLong is increasingly loved by tourists, and is chosen as the ideal tourist destination for the journey of discovery, sightseeing, relaxation, and swimming. Each cave on HaLong Bay has a name that gives visitors the curiosity to discover with mysterious beauty and sparkling beauty that attracts every gaze. Join Signature Crusies to travel to HaLong and Bai Tu Long to explore the most famous and beautiful caves on the bay to see the grandeur and grandeur of one of the natural wonders of this world.

HaLong cave system

Surpraising cave: Located in the central area of HaLong Bay Surpraising cave is the largest and most beautiful cave in HaLong. The way to the Surpraising cave is under the forest foliage, the stone steps are cliffed, visitors have just got the beast of the climber, and the eagerness is like going to the sky. See the magnificent beauty of Surpraising cave.

Sung Sot Cave

Virgin cave: Why is it called the Virgin Cave. The name is associated with legend and history. The first impression when entering the cave of every visitor is a statue of a stone made of a girl, lying long with her long hair, eyes facing the sea, her eyes evoking a sadness like in waiting for something but desperate.

Trinh nu cave

Dau Go Cave: About 5000m2 wide, Dau Go Cave is located at a height of 27m above sea level, is a cave that gathers an ancient architectural complex exuding ancient, unspoiled, mysterious beauty with many columns small, tall stone, stone pillars and stalagmites like to reach the sky.

Dau go cave

Drum Cave (also known as Son Cave): Located opposite the Virgin Cave, Hang Trong is a statue of a petrified son turning to face the Virgin Cave. Here, visitors will hear about this cave legend and many other legends. So the locals in HaLong view the Virgin Cave as a symbol of love, a place for the couple to swear in love. And today, every time when boats pass by here, if you pay attention to listen to tourists, you will hear the pathetic cry of the guy who is flying somewhere.

Trong Cave in halong bay

Luon Cave: Located on Bo Hon Island, 14 km south of Bai Chay, Luon Cave possesses the beauty of four seasons in green with steep cliffs, with the front of the cave being Con Rua island on the right is the Heaven Gate.

luon cave in halong bay

Thien Cung (Paradise) Cave: The most beautiful cave in the cave system of HaLong Bay, located in the southwest of the bay, Thien Cung Cave has splendid and vivid beauty from outside to inside. The road to the cliff crags, both sides of the green trees cover the path, the more we become, the more surprised the vivid and magnificent beauty of the cave right now, when things appear before our eyes We can see all the beauty of Thien Cung Cave - HaLong.

thien cung cave in halong bay

Kim Quy (Turtle) Cave: Located on Dam Nam island, 187m high peak, in front of Dam Bac island, behind is Soi Rim island. The cave is 100m long and has a small road leading up to the top, where there are four seasons with murmuring water, stalactites are formed from the ceiling of the film hanging down like a beautiful curtain.

Kim quy cave in halong bay

Maze Cave: 2 km from Ti Top beach to the southwest, Me Cung cave is located on Lom Bo island at 25m above sea level. When entering the cave, visitors seem to be entering the palace of a Persian emperor and the murmur somewhere makes visitors think that it is her voice Sêhharat is telling the story of a thousand and one nights for your king.

Me cung cave in halong bay

In addition to the above caves, there are many other caves on HaLong Bay so visitors can explore in HaLong tourism program. Please choose for yourself the HaLong tour to begin the journey to discover the mysterious paradise, splendid variety of colors of the massive cave system on Halong Bay.

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