Top Smart Tips for Travelers


1. Roll The Cloth

One of the best ways to save every single space inside your luggage is "Roll Your Clothes". Believe me, you will find the different and have more thing to put inside your luggage more than the traditional folding way.


2. Take Advantage With The Cup

The cup is not only for drinking, it can do more things more than you can imagine. A traveler can use it as a phone holder or use it as a speaker.


3. Wrap Shoes In A Shower Cap

The shower cap is not only for keeping your hair dry, you also can use it to cover your shoes. Wrap it and leave it to aside of your luggage.


4. Keep Extra Money In An Empty Lip Balm

This is a helpful way to help you to save money in case that you may lose your wallet. It is also a very good camouflage way for everyone to save and protect the money. 


5. Keep Phone Accessories In The Glass Box

This glass case always is a perfect thing to keep your earphone, charger, and cable.


6. Keep Wine Inside A Pair Of Shoes

Are you afraid to broke the wine when carrying it inside the luggage? Don't worry this is a very simple way to cover it; the only thing you need to do is put it inside your shoes. And you will have a perfect way to protect it.


7.Use The Binder Clip To Cover The Razor

Binder Clip is not only for stapling the paper; you also can use it to cover the razor. It is perfectly fit your razor and protect the head of the razor.


8.Use Vacuum Bag to Save The Space

If you are lazy to roll the clothes, it is another way to save the space of the luggage. 


9.Use The Use Pill containers

We used to use it to contain the pill, but you also can use it to contain your jewelry (Earrings, rings & necklaces)


10.Carry The Light Jacket

Remember always carry it wherever you go. It can be a rain coat, it protects you from the sun, it keeps you warm.  With only 3 important reasons, we are surely you don't want to miss and forget it for your trip.


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